Enjoy what you read at Taking Care Of You ( It's easy to receive free post updates by email or RSS.What is an RSS feed and feed aggregator?

RSS in its simplest essence is a way of getting information from all over the internet that you read, such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs, delivered to you as its updated.

A feed aggregator is what is used to view the information you've collected.  There are numerous feed aggregators to choose from...this list of alternatives for Google Reader is a great resource though I do miss Google Reader itself!

Why read via RSS instead of receiving updates by email?

Unlike getting updates by email, RSS feeds give you absolute control over how you receive your information. There's no need to give out your email address, and worry about SPAM (although you will get none of that here...we hate the stuff!)

Best of all, if you ever want to stop receiving content, you never have to figure out how to unsubscribe or wait for your request to be removed from the list to be processed.  It just takes a click to remove the subscription and it is gone, immediately.

Want to know more about RSS?

Copyblogger has as excellent RSS mini-tutorial.