Taking Care Of You (TCOYou.com) or TCOY as it affectionately goes by...

Developing an enhanced awareness of yourself is what this website is all about. Putting yourself in the line of priority, and right in front, is not selfish thinking but rather just thinking proactively. There is no better person to know, understand or believe in than you.

The title of the website was chosen to emphasize a concept I hold to be vital. Unfortunately, taking care of yourself isn’t something that is likely to come naturally. Much like the flight safety announcement telling you that in the event of a crash you must first put on your own oxygen mask and then help others, the concept of Taking Care Of You first needs reminding, as it is most important.

Besides showing a great example to others in your sphere of influence, TCOY sets up a stable foundation for authentic happiness and life fulfillment. Knowing yourself and having your needs met by you, rather than relying on an outside source, brings a healthier you into every relationship as well.

Remember, it is important to focus on Taking Care Of You...because you can do it better than anyone else.

About Suzanne (behind the TCOY enlightenment):
Taking Care Of You was created in April 2009 by Suzanne Sergis.

Suzanne lives in California, USA with her husband and 2 children (that she adores!)  A creative but analytical mind has led her to pursue work in an organization that governs high school sports, to be an Ind. Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay and to provide guidance on the importance of taking care of ourselves with TCOYou.com.

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